Hi! I'm Liz - I'm a Personal Trainer and I'm here to help you focus on improving your health and fitness and most importantly of all, enjoy the journey.

Based in the Lake District I offer one to one or small group training packages, both of which include bespoke nutrition plans, meal ideas, varied training programs and ongoing support outside of the training sessions to ensure you are on track to reach your goals.

A little bit about me...........

I spent much of my childhood and teenage years not enjoying exercise and thinking being 'sporty' wasn't for me.... then in my late twenties a friend introduced me to rock climbing at a local indoor climbing wall - I thoroughly enjoyed it and started going every week. I started to build strength in my upper body and enjoyed the social aspect too. I then built up some confidence and joined a gym and decided to do some training to build up my strength for climbing - I started attending gym classes such as body pump using weights and realised I enjoyed fitness and exercising with other people.

I then became more focused on weight training - with the guidance of a Personal trainer who really opened my eyes to what I was capable of doing, and the gym has become a different world to me now - it's a place I enjoy going to, a place where I feel strong, I can focus, and feel confident. Lifting weights in the gym has improved my physique but goes far beyond that and has improved my health in so many ways.

Realising the impact that my physical fitness has on my mental health, and my overall confidence has been a total game changer, a few years ago I would have said I didn't 'enjoy' exercise but now it is a passion of mine - so I am now a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, hoping to give other access to the confidence and enjoyment I get from exercise too.

Outside of the gym you may see me out on my road bike with Kendal Cycle Club, or coaching strength classes at Mapdec Cycleworks Fitness studios in Kendal.

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